Calgary Fun Farm

The Calgary Corn Maze & Fun Farm has the widest variety of unique, fun filled attractions for the young, and the young at heart. Our reputation for providing an outstanding experience for all ages has won us numerous awards and accolades, and that's something we're pretty proud of.

Click here to watch our video highlighting some of our attractions.

Calgary Corn Maze Railway - Hop on our miniature railroad and take a ride around our farm enjoying the sites and sounds, and learning all about our history.

Jumping Pillows - Each one is bigger than most houses. The trampoline lover in you will come bursting out when you hop on an unforgettable bouncing experience for kids and adults.

Potato Sack Slide - 80 feet long and three lanes wide so you can race your friends and family.

Friendly Fire - Using a specially outfitted paint ball gun, visitors enter the friendly fire arena to shoot foam nerf balls. The foam balls are soft, so there is no sting or mess when when getting hit. Friendly fire is a major hit for all ages! (Friendly Fire is not included in the price of admission and costs $3 per play).

Mini Golf - 18 holes of fun farm themed obstacles.

Grain Wagon Ride - A tractor pulled ride into the corn field for the whole family to enjoy together.

Pig Races - Watch these cute little fellas hoof it up around our pig race track as they compete and go hog wild for their favourite treats.

Lost Treasures Mining Tower - A real working mining sluice is an old world treat for kids and adults. Purchase bags of "rough" and learn about semi-precious gemstones by panning. Find treasure like fossils too. (Mining is not included in the price of admission, and bags range between $6 and $12 depending on size and type of gems or fossils).

Lil' Cow Town - A minature sized western town for kids to play in and get their photos taken.

Hill Slide - It's fun, and the #1 reason why kids and adults leave the corn maze with a little dirt on them :)

Bunnyville - visit the cute and cuddly bunnies as they hop around their bunny village.

Barnyard Chicken Show - Watch and sing-a-long with our animated stuffed chickens. These animated chickens sing songs and host our very popular pig races.

Rat Rollers - Use your hands, feet, knees, or whatever else you need to move the rat rollers from one end of the track to the other, then back to the start.

Ball Toss - Challenge your friends to an throwing accuracy test to see who is the best baseball pitcher, football quarterback, and basketball free throw shooter.

Tractor Tire Mountain - Climb to the top of our tractor tire stack and slide down the slides.

Playground Activities - Hay bale stacks, swings, slides, teeter totters for the littler ones, and our two-story giant train playground.

Cow Train - No child's visit to the Calgary Corn Maze is complete without a ride on the cow train. Each cart is made from a barrel painted like dairy cows.

"Stalk" Pedal Karts - These unique pedal karts will have you using the most unusual methods to propel them around our track.

Tube Slide - It's tough to want to slide down this only once. It's a lot of bumpy fun.

Rubber Duck Races - Watch the water fly! Ten ducks, ten pumps, ten races. Work the old fashion hand pumps as fast as you can to sent your rubber duck on a patch to victory.

Goat Walk - Feed the goats as they eagerly stand 25 feet above you on the goat walk.

Corny Bin - A grain bin with sand for the little ones to play in.

Mini Mazes - They may look simple, but you’ll be surprised how challenging they can be.

And more!